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Mullet Mohawk - Faith Dealers (YourTuubaMix) Trans
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Avtor Tema
nov 26 2007, 18:59
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Pridružen: okt 02 2007, 19:42

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Mullet Mohawk's new trance video straight outta FinlandFOREST! TRÄÄNSEXUALITY!

Here's the good quality divx version:


and bad quality:


more info
http://www.myspace.com/mulletmohawk and Suomisaundi (finnish goa) is available from http://www.antiscarp.com

Mullet Mohawk, this Helsinki based duo was founded in 2003 by Juha K and Joonas W. Before Mullet Mohawk, Joonas has been active in groups like "happy gringoz", and Juha did many solo tracks on early 00's as Fraktaali Günther. On 04 they signed a recording contract with Lopsteri Produktiot, and since then they have done dozens and dozens of tracks, and the best of 'em will be on their debut album "Berghäll Vortex", which will to be released internationally asap! Nowadays they dont play so many live gig's, because they always want to have atleast 80% new tracks when playing live, that's how they keep their live shows very unique. Their music can be described with words: kichigai retard trance. And like one russian hippie said after he saw them playing live in Moscow "finnish schoolboys playing f**king killer music". Contacts: mulletmohawk©gmail.com
Album is coming out on HippieKiller productions... and and this song is coming out on a compilation. Those'll be available through Saikosounds later on. More info on those... meanwhile enjoy!


[ Urejeno nov 26 2007, 18:59 ]
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