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Karol XVII & MB Valence - Third Edition EP!
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mar 03 2009, 19:02
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Pridružen: jun 22 2007, 02:29

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I'm glad to announce that the third edition of "Deep, Deeper, Deepest EP" by Karol XVII & MB Valence is now available as an exclusive on Beatport

Here are some of the opinions on the EP:

Sebastian Davidson: AAAh yes!! You guys did it again! Chartbusters all over here! Thanks!

Ross Couch /Body Rhythm/: Thanks for the promo.The third in this EP series continues to impress with three more great tracks. My favourite here is 'Somewhere In Abha' which brings in some nice atmospheric elements to accompany the deep tech stabs but the other two tracks are also highly playable so I can't help but think that the guys have another hit on their hands here. Best of luck with the release!

Graham Sahara /Seamless Recordings/: Excellent deep house. All mixes are top class and perfect for the dance floor. Thanks very much for the promo

DJ Mannix: I love your DDD EPs, this will be no exception, Jazzified is still such a great track

Klaus Spitzner /Peppermint Jam, ProgCity, ProgCity Deep/: great package.. on his 3 tracker... i like Area is my favorite..

Gorge /8 bit Records/: Great work again! Full support.

Nils Nürnberg: thx for sending this! all tracks are right up my street! this is just quality dance music! BIG respect! looking forward to the next release already!

Florian Kruse /Urban Torque, Dieb Audio, Knee Deep Recordings/: Hey guys, thx for this! It's again an ace EP! All tracks are great, if I should choose a favorite, I would say it's "Drooling Mouthpiece" for the first impression.

Sven Jacobsen: great tunes, will play them and love Drooling Mouthpiece most. cheers and good luck from germany

Wollion /Lemon Popsicle/: amazing house tunes, drooling mouthpiece is sooo hot, will support it for sure. thanks, nara ;-)

Robert Owens: thx loco, great tracks, respect.

MrCenzo /MidiDropMusic/: 1. "Drooling Mouthpiece" - Real liked this one.... nice groove nice flow... and especially nice sax..... top work.. 9/10. 2. "Somewhere in abha" - This one is cool to.... liked the slight arab influence on the vox cuts.... 8/10. 3. "Area" - Wicked!!!! thats all i got to say.....lol..... 10/10 (fav mix). Well All Rounded Ep On This Release...... 10/10

Richard Earnshaw /Duffnote | One51 | Guess | Kinetic Management/: All 3 tracks are very playable... mostly for our Spiritchaser sets but the “Drooling Mouthpiece” may work it’s way into the deeper end of an Earnshaw set! Top marks... Thanks for the link.

Matteo Esse: I listened to the Deep, Deeper, Deepest Part 3 promo and liked it, some quality deep house groovers on there as usual from you. Keep it up.

Bamo /Spiritchaser/: Well done guys, another great ep here.... My favourite being "Somewhere in Abha" nice and deep!

Bogdan Taran /Essential/Capital FM, Latvian radio syndication/SSradioUK.com/: the perfect work again, my favourite here is „Drooling Mouthpiece”, and I like all three tracks indeed. Full support!! 10/10

Davidson Ospina: DEEP!! lovthe “Drooling Mouthpiece” That SAX is such a great touch...not to much , but good enough!

Mike Haddad /Witty Tunes/: Whats cooking fellas? Really like this package alot. The winner for me is "Drooling Mouthpiece." I will support this in mixes and live!

Sandrino /Lemon Popsicle/: booooomb mega sound mate area is a motherf**king mind killlaaaaaaaaaa

Tom Pasanec /Blacksoul/: Drooling Mouthpiece is the one I like most on this package, testing it tonight

Cristian Paduraru /Deejay Friendly Private Promo Pool/: Yes, deep support for the inspiring electronic music! 10/10 

Darin Epsilon /Perfecto, DI.fm, Proton, Curvve, System Recordings, MyPromoPool.com, Balance Record Pool/: I really enjoyed Somewhere In Abha! This has a very classic progressive feel to it. Really brings back some wonderful memories. I enjoy the melody and sounds being used most of all. Thanks again for the promo. 

Danilo D'Andrea: Somewhere in Abha! It's good for me! I will paly into my Radio Show "ifyouwant" sure! Thanks

DJ Slider: Hey guys! Thank you for this new PROMO! Drooling Mouthpiece - the best souflul track in 1st months of 2009! Very beautiful saxy sound like i love!!! Arena - is the 2nd deep sh*t banger! Very FAT!!! Thank you and i am sure in my box from this weekend directly ;)

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