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VA 'Autumn Breeze be' | Top100 Best Releases
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“Progrezo Records produces a clear vision of forward thinking electronic music through art and sound.” – friskyBlog”

“In the overpopulated world of underground electronic record labels, Progrezo Records stands out with their selective choices of releases, combined with artwork that perfectly captures the essence of their style. With an aura of mysticism blended with eclectic sounds that cover a range of genres, Progrezo Records finds success by staying true to their core throughout every process. Established in 2007, they have a solid catalog of releases on vinyl, CD, and digital, featuring notable artists that include UNKLE, Alex Dolby, Anthony Pappa, and Pole Folder, as well as standout up & comers such as Gare Mat K, Daniel Mehes, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Allan Mille, and many more.” - Lauren Krieger
Making the label sound as characteristic and driven as possible, with a blend of mysticism and fresh air between eclectic dimensions, Progrezo Records is proud to present a new various edition featuring not only its best latest Pearls which have been massively supported by worlds top Djs names and industry media makers, hitting worldwide charts within the cutting-edge techno, electronica, minimal and deep-house top100 charts, but some of its most highlighted gems that undoubtedly shine by their own, consolidating the label sound as one of the most prestigious underground imprints to take notice as its Autumn ae and bb prove.

From outstanding deep-house gems as Radek K´s Soul is proper to warm up any kind of well crafted Dj set, passing through top notch interpretations the likes of Mario Pasul “Scratches In The Crowd” Sotus Bo Drive Version Mix, or eclectic trippy techno pearls such as Gare Mat K´s Fluokszum and DJ Puk’s Shapes & Forms are only to name a few, Progrezo Records brings an absolutely mind-blowing journey within its immeasurable music world full of energy, magic and emotion as only the label itself does.

Progrezo Records rings the bell with such outstanding releases produced by some of the best tomorrow’s talents from around the world including huge quotes by Russia, Belarus, Croatia and Ukraine the likes of Alan Mille with his masterpiece “I Know You Got Soul” remixed by Sefly and Ievgeniy Kozlov, while solid arrows by veteran Brit Dj and producer Fractal Architect and his “Soul Trader” bomb; in addition to a new passenger within the label´s family as Dan Baber to push up the stuff just a bit more.

Rising talents Caleb Weiss, Tell Her, Marcel Dope, Aehm, Steve Sai and Gigi Squillante bring quality but memorable driven techno pearls as their best; besides mad pop-punk electronica bullets with an evolving Brit rock style by A-Lix, to give the label sound a proper air for music lovers, aimed straight to the dance-floor and forward-moving Dj sets without doubt.

Grab your copy as exclusive Pre-Release on:

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music
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